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200 Gallon Above Ground Pond Kit

$1,245.00 $995.00

continental USA & Canada
Offer ends November 15, 2019

This pond will enhance any landscape.  At 82” x 72” x 16” high this pond could be the highlight of your garden or large patio.  It has the capacity to support larger fountain sprays and a wide variety of aquatic plants or fish.

Our customers have used this sized pond kit to create a focal point in their yards,  as a tranquility space full of fish and water plants inside a day spa, and on larger decks or patios with big fountain sprays and aquatic flowers.   Several have incorporated this pond as a catch basin for their streams and waterfalls, and one fellow used his to hold a large bubbling boulder in the center.  Others were purchased as habitat for a large pet turtle, a freshwater shark, and even one for a pet swan named Beatrice.   Other customers have fastened lighted waterfall weirs to the top rails, or added submersible pond lights to create a magical oasis of tranquility shimmering in the night with the led lighting.
Total shipping weight is just less than 150 lbs divided between the 3 boxes it ships in.  Average shipping cost is normally up to $225.00, so take advantage of the current “free shipping” offer.    For details please see our FAQ pages.  When full the 200 gallons of water will weigh about 1670 lbs. spread over a surface area of just under 25 square feet.
Note: Water Authorities in some municipal districts have incentives and guidelines to promote residential fresh water conservation.  An emerging standard appears to be one that restricts the size of outdoor residential water features to be a maximum surface area of 25 sq. ft. This pond kit conforms to that standard.
Dimensions 82 × 72 × 16 in


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