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165 Gallon Above Ground Pond Kit

$1,115.00 $895.00

continental USA & Canada
Offer ends November 15, 2019

This pond was designed as the result of customer requests for a taller, higher volume pond, with a medium sized foot-print, suitable for average size patios & decks.

At 64″ x 55″ at the widest points when assembled, this pond is the same frame dimension as the 100 gallon pond, only taller.  It has about 60% larger liner volume & 60% more side rails, raising the overall height an additional 6″ to 22″.

The extra height, water volume & larger pond pump create a wonderful environment for fish & aquatic plants.  The benches are also higher for those who may prefer that.

Circulating almost 300 gallons per hour, the magnetic drive pond pump that is included also has an extra water diverter built in, allowing for additional water features or extra filtration systems to support larger fish populations.  The pump also comes with a reusable, external pre-filter that easily slips off & on for rinsing & cleaning.  One customer tells us that she has used her original pump filter for almost 12 years.

The shipping weight is approximately 150 lbs., divided into the three boxes that it ships in.  Average shipping charges for this pond are up to $225.00, so why not take advantage of our limited time offer of “free shipping”.  For details please see our FAQ’s & Data pages under Terms & Conditions.

Dimensions 64 × 55 × 22 in


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