A Fish Called Molly

It all began in 2002, when we "adopted" a beautiful white koi called Molly, into my autistic son Zachary's large pet collection.  In light of the fact that Molly had outgrown our friend's 10 gallon aquarium, it seemed like the only thing to do.  At the time, we had 12 aquariums full of a wide variety of fish and creatures, a dog, a cat, 3 degus and 2 rabbits in an area of the house we called Zak's World.
Well, it wasn't too long before Molly outgrew her new 20 gallon home.  Okay, let's rearrange and add a 55 gallon aquarium.  Soon it was time to start figuring out what we were going to do next.  Now, we have to consider that Molly had now become a highly regarded (and ever growing) member of our family, so putting her outside in a pond was totally out of the question.  And, of course by now, we are hooked on koi and have added two more, Zap and Cleopatra.  Hmmm, what to do?
The only logical solution seemed to be, an indoor pond large enough to house our growing collection.  So, off I went on a totally frustrating internet quest, to find a pre-fabricated above ground pond that I could safely install in my house,  while keeping in mind that we would have hundreds of gallons of water sloshing around in our living room.  After several months of unsuccessful searching, it was time to get creative.
Necessity is still "The Mother of All Invention"....
After much trial and error, and a lot of help from my family, we created a 200 gallon pond similar to what we are building today.  It is truly enjoyed by all, especially Molly, Zap and Cleopatra.  We had so many requests to build similar ponds for family, friends and acquaintances that it has been a natural progression to manufacture and market them on a larger scale.
In 2006, I asked my friend Mike to help me start a business building and marketing my pre-built pond kits.  We are now a small family owned and operated company, building and shipping our hand crafted pond kits across Canada and The United States.  My parents, two sisters, brother and son all have a part in either the manufacturing or marketing process.
Since 2007 we have introduced our pond kits at Home and Garden shows, fairs, and exhibitions throughout Western Canada, and online in our store at www.bcponds.com, or our new site at www.kimsponds.com.  We have developed a variety of different size pre-built ponds to meet the needs of hundreds of customers all across North America.
Our ponds are designed and built by a woman with women in mind.  I wanted a pond kit that anyone like me could simply put together themselves, without having to dig up the yard to do it.  The size of the packaging (always under 5 feet long and under 50 lbs per box), the pre-built high quality components, and the easy set-up have resulted in beautiful, sturdy, durable pond kits that anyone can assemble and enjoy for themselves.
Now I have a growing community of happy pond owner customers from all over North America.  Many have told me that they had never really considered having a pond until they saw one of mine.  Lots of my customers had larger in ground systems, and love the convenience and ease of maintenance with my pond kits.
It is our goal to continue to produce a premium quality product that will enhance and enrich the lives of our customers, in a way that only the beauty and tranquility of a water garden can.
Can I build one for you?