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300 gallon Above Ground Pond Kit

$1,495.00 $1,195.00

continental USA & Canada
At 82″x 72″x 21″ high, this pond kit uses the same dimension frame as the 200 gallon pond, only taller; and with a 50% larger liner volume.  A much larger pond pump, and additional side rails to raise the wall height an extra 5 inches to 21″.  This pond has substantially more water volume to accommodate larger fish, and the benches are higher for those who prefer that.
The high volume pump provides lots of circulation, and has an extra water outlet built into the riser for those who may wish to add an extra water feature or filtration system for larger fish populations.  Circulating over 900 gallons per hour this pump has an external foam pre-filter on the intake side of the pump that is re-useable and easily slides off & on the end of the pump for rinsing and cleaning.  For more details please see our FAQ’s & Data pages under the Pumps & Fountains section.
The shipping weight of this pond kit is about 180 lbs., between the four boxes that it is ships in.  The average shipping costs are normally up to $300.00, so now is a good time to take advantage of our current “free shipping” offer.  For details please see our FAQ’s & Data pages under Terms & Conditions.

Are you considering a beautiful, full sun location for your pond?
Are you worried about algae?
Are you planning to have large fish or lots of fish?
See the 300 gallon with the Lifegard Single All-in-One
filter system that can handle it all.

Dimensions 82 × 72 × 21 in


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