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Wall Pond Above Ground Pond Kit

$765.00 $595.00

continental USA & Canada
Offer ends November 15, 2019
The Wall Pond kit includes a Lifegard Model 800 pro pond pump that circulates 240 gallons per hour (800 litres).  For more details about the pump, please see Pond Pumps & Fountains on our FAQ pages.
Customers have placed these ponds under bay windows on a deck, along fences in courtyards, and even indoors.  One customer bought two for his foyer.  A home for his fish that he could sit on while putting his shoes on in the morning.  Others have been used in common area courtyards to turn concrete retaining walls into backdrops for a beautiful water feature.
Total shipping weight is about 75 lbs. and ships in 2 boxes.  Average shipping cost is normally up to $150.00, so take advantage of the current “free shipping” offer.  For details please see our Terms & Conditions on the FAQ pages.
Please note: The Wall Pond is the same price as the 60 gallon Pond, just a different shape.  A 60 gal. Pond set up with the ends of two benches against a fence would protrude out 45″, while the Wall Pond protrudes out only 31″.  The choice is usually about the space available where you wish to place your pond.
Dimensions 59 × 31 × 16 in


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