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600 Gallon Above Ground / Partial In-Ground Pond Kit

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continental USA & Canada
Offer ends November 15, 2019


At 82″x 72″x 36″ water depth, this pond kit uses the same cedar frame as the 300 gallon pond kit, but the liner volume is much greater and must be dug partially into the ground.  This pond can be set up with either 16″ above ground and approx. 24″ in the ground or 21″ above ground with approx. 18″ in ground or several variables between the two.
Most customers use this pond kit for fish or pet habitat, so we supply a higher volume pump for increased circulation and to allow you to add additional filtration should you wish to.
Our 600 gallon pond kit was originally created at the request of customers with fish who wanted to have part of their pond dug into the ground and more water depth for better protection from the heat, the cold, or predators.  Once you determine where the frame will sit, you simply dig inside the frame rails straight down to the appropriate depth.  Once you have set up the frame, the liner will have a total water depth of three feet.  You may still sit on the benches, but on the inside of the pond you have just over 3 feet of water dropping straight down from the inside of the benches.
The advantage of this configuration is better protection against predators like raccoons and herons.  While predators like these will often wade into an in-ground pond, they do not like to step off a ledge.  The depth of this pond results in most owners placing something (eg: concrete building blocks on their side) in the center of the pond to support the pond pump and offering a further spot for fish to hide.  Other customers also place short lengths of large diameter pipe along the inside walls on the bottom, giving  fish a great spot to hide should a heron or raccoon be standing on the benches trying to get lunch.  Some customers have had their 600 gallon ponds several years now and report minimal to zero fish loss from herons or raccoons.
The shipping weight of this pond kit is about 200 lbs., between the four boxes that it ships in.  The average shipping costs are normally up to $300.00, so now is a good time to take advantage of our current “free shipping” offer.  For details please see our FAQ’s & Data pages under Terms & Conditions.

Do you have a full sun location in mind for your pond?
Are you thinking about algae?
Are you planning for a lot of fish or really big fish?
See the 600 gallon with the Lifegard Double All-in-One pond filtering system
for a terrific way to help maintain crystal clear water.

Dimensions 82 × 72 × 36 in


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