425 Gallon

$1,695.00 $1,495.00

This is the first in our series of new larger frame sized pond kits. The All-Above-Ground design can be set up anywhere and can easily be moved in the event relocation is required. At almost 9′ wide and 30″ deep this pond offers much larger swim room for big fish, such as koi and the extra water volume allows for a substantially higher population than our smaller ponds.

This is one of our most popular sizes.  It uses the same dimension frame as the 200 & 300 gallon ponds (82″ x 72″), but is 30″ high.  It’s extra large water capacity makes it perfect for large fish including koi.
The high capacity, 991 gph pond pump that comes with the kit provides lots of circulation and can accommodate additional filtration or other water features with enough room left for a fountain.  For more details please visit our FAQ pages.
This pond can be set out in the garden or placed on a patio or deck.  There are many aquatic plants that are suitable for this size of pond, so you can create a lush water garden.  Adding underwater lights creates a magical effect at night.
Our ponds are very low maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your fish and plants and less time cleaning your pond.
The shipping weight is approximately 220 lbs., divided into the five boxes.  Average shipping charges for this pond are up to $350.00, so why not take advantage of our limited time offer of “free shipping”.  For details please see our FAQ pages


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