EPDM PONDGUARD Preformed Liner


The liner is made from Firestone PondGard EPDM. This is the same material used for most large in ground ponds. PondGard is non toxic, and carries a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer against breaking down from UV rays of the sun or rupturing from the cold.


Yes. The Japanese Koi Association considers PondGard to be the world's safest liner for fish. Our .45 mil PondGard liners are non toxic, easy to care for, and have a 50 to 100 year life expectancy. Check out the section dedicated to fish care and aquatic plants in our website.

PondGard is based on EPDM synthetic rubber, a highly flexible stable material that is long lasting and easy to work with. It has been used successfully in a variety of environmental containment applications for more than a decade.

The Unique Properties Of EPDM Give PondGard These Unique Benefits:

  • FISH FRIENDLY: PondGard is a highly stable material that is specially formulated to be safe for exposure to fish and plant life in decorative ponds.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: PondGard shows outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone and other environmental conditions - important characteristics especially along the water line of the pond where the liner can be exposed
  • HIGH ELONGATION: PondGard EPDM has high expansion and contraction characteristics which enable it to conform to objects in the sub-grade. This feature is especially important after the pond is in service when earth movement, or erosion, could cause roots and rocks to be dislodged beneath the membrane, placing stress on the liner. PondGard's high elongation properties will enable it to stretch over the object.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: PondGard requires little or no regular maintenance once installed. Should the need arise, it is easy to repair in place with a self-adhesive Quick Seam Joint Cover Patch, minimizing cost and inconvenience.